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About Dajin

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Dajin Lithium Corp. (Dajin) is a Lithium exploration company with brine-based Lithium exploration projects located in the salar basins of northwest Argentina and Nevada.

Dajin holds a 100% interest in 403 placer claims mineral totaling 3,202 hectares (7,914 acres) located on a desert playa known as Teels Marsh valley in Mineral County, Nevada.  This is a potential brine-based Lithium target. These claims are known to contain Lithium and Boron values and are adjacent to the birth place of U.S. Borax Inc.'s first borax mine.  Exploration activities since early 2015 have included: a gravity survey, a 9-hole Geoprobe survey, a structural analysis and a seismic survey carried out in May, June 2016.

The company also holds placer mineral claims in Alkali Spring valley (also known as Alkali Lake), Esmeralda County, Nevada, just 11 km from Albemarle's Silver Peak Lithium Brine Mine, North America's only producing brine-based Lithium mine.

In Argentina, Dajin also holds mineral concessions totalling 93,000 hectares (230,000 acres) in a salt flat known as Salinas Grandes in Jujuy Province, Argentina. Exploration IN 2017 of the 4,400 hectares (10,873 acres) in San Jose/Navidad minas consisted of taking 25 shallow brine samples returning concentrations ranging from 281 mg/l to 1,353 mg/l averaging 591 mg/l Lithium. These concessions sit within the "Lithium Triangle" which is reported to contain in excess of 80% of the world's supply of Lithium.

On August 8, 2016, Dajin's wholly owned Argentinian subsidiary, Dajin Resources S. A., signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with LSC Lithium Corporation ("LSC Lithium") whereby LSC Lithium was granted an option to earn a 51% interest in Dajin Resource S.A.'s Lithium properties in Argentina. On October 27, 2016, Dajin reported that it has entered into a  share purchase agreement with LSC Lithium Corporation whereby they paid $1,000,000 and agreed to spend $2,000,000 on exploration of the properties.

In March 2019, Pluspetrol Resources Corporation B.V. acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares of  LSC Lithium Corporation for approximately CDN $111 million.  LSC Lithium held an agreement to acquire a 51% interest in Dajin Resources S.A with the exploration expenditure of CDN $2,000,000 on the Salinas Grandes salar. 

In October 2019, Pluspetrol earned a 51% interest in Dajin Resources S.A. with the expenditure of US$1,250,000 on the Salinas Grandes salar and payment of US$600,000 to Dajin Lithium Corp.

On February 19, 2020 Dajin announced that it had formed a Strategic Alliance with Moselle Technologies Inc. (“Moselle”) of Dallas, Texas to work together to further pursue the exploration and extraction of Lithium from naturally occurring brines.  Moselle has developed a patent pending magnetic separation process for the extraction of Lithium and other elements from naturally occurring Lithium bearing brines.  The Moselle technology utilizes a solution containing magnetic nanoparticles that replaces the need for traditional evaporation ponds and reduces both the construction and operating costs of a processing facility.  It cuts processing time of brine solution to a matter of minutes, not months or years.  The underlying technology was developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, one of the large US National Laboratories supported by the United States Department of Energy.

In November, 2020 Dajin announced that it had entered into an Earn-in Agreement with Lone Mountain Resources, LLC (“LMR”), a privately held US Lithium exploration and development company affiliated with Lilac Solutions, Inc., a well funded Lithium extraction company located in Oakland, California.  LMR can earn a 75% interest in Dajin’s Alkali Lake Lithium project located 7 miles from Albemarle’s Silver Peak Lithium mine in Clayton Valley with the expenditure of US$ 200,000.  It is expected that LMR will be drilling an initial well to a depth of 1,500 feet.