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Alkali Lake

Alkali Lake Lithium Project – Nevada

1,558 hectares
3,851 acres
191 placer claims

100% owned by Dajin Resources (US) Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dajin Resources Corp.


Esmeralda County, Nevada.

The Alkali Lake lithium project is located approximately 12 km (7.5 mi) northeast of Albemarle Corporation’s Rockwood Lithium brine-based lithium operation in the Clayton Valley, near Silver Peak, Nevada.


Dajin’s Alkali Lake lithium project, western and eastern claim blocks.

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Exploration Program:

Dajin Resources (US) Corp. has reviewed the recently completed gravity survey at Alkali Lake. The survey was completed by Magee Geophysical Services LLC of Reno, Nevada and the 3D gravity and airborne magnetic basin modeling was prepared by Wright Geophysics Inc. of Elko, Nevada.

The gravity model indicates the claim area is underlain by a circular basin estimated at 4,000 feet in depth (1,200 m) and a second basin exists approximately 3 km to the east. The two basins are separated by a northwest southeast trending structure likely related to the Walker Lane Shear Zone. The depth of the eastern basin ranges from 3000 to 4000 feet (1000 – 1200 meter).

The additional claims brings the total of Dajin’s 100% owned property in the Alkali Lake area up to 191 claims with a total acreage of 3,851 (1,558 hectares). Surface sampling in March and April, 2015, confirmed the presence of near surface lithium in the western basin. Planning is now underway for additional exploration of the eastern basin which has no surface manifestation and is visible only in the gravity data.

Recently completed gravity survey, showing relationship to nearby Rockwood Lithium Mine and Clayton Valley.



The Alkali Lake property is similar to the Clayton Valley geology with a classic fault bound closed basin. There is an active geothermal system, Alkali Hot Springs, along the southern margin of the basin. Just as with circulating basin waster, deep fluids, particularly hot ones associated with the geothermal resource, dissolved rocks, liberate boron, lithium and other elements such as sodium chloride. These minerals are brought to the surface as springs emanating from the faults bounding the playa (dry lake bed). The association of a closed basin with an arid environment, a geothermal system and plentiful sources of lithium suggest that Alkali Lake may host significant lithium rich brine.


Background and Surrounding Area:

The Alkali Lake property is a grass roots property that is located within 12km of the only operating brine based lithium mine in North America. In 2014 Albermarle Corp. agreed to pay $6.2 billion in cash and stock for Rockwood Holdings Inc. which included the Clayton Valley, Rockwood Lithium mine. The Silver Peak area is one of the oldest mining areas in Nevada as this area produced substantial amounts of silver, gold and other minerals. In 1967 the Rockwood Lithium mine began operations to mine lithium by method of low cost evaporation ponds and has produced lithium since then. This general area is surrounded by lithium-enriched tertiary rhyolite tuffs and lithium-bearing sediments, as well as active geothermal systems. Over time, the lithium has become mobilized from these sources and deposited into the ground water.

In 2010 the Rockwood Lithium mine received a $28.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to expand and upgrade the production for battery grade usage. It is estimated that since initial production began the Rockwood Lithium mine produced over 150,000 tons of lithium and in ground reserve estimates of 382,000 tons of lithium.

Dajin’s Alkali Lake lithium project consists of 191 staked placer claims

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Regional map showing location of Dajin’s Alkali Lake lithium project

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