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Management Team

Dajin Lithium Corp.

Brian Findlay

President and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Findlay brings decades of senior management experience in various aspects of the industry. He learned the business from the ground up. Brian has broad experience in the industry from corporate development and international mining, to mergers and acquisitions, exploration and development, mine operations, corporate social responsibility to managing, financing and administration of public companies. His experience and managerial skills are now focused on the further development and growth of Dajin Lithium Corp. Brian has participated in the raising of over $200 million in investment capital for a number of junior resource and technology companies. Brian is an expert at managing public companies with international interests. It is Mr. Findlays integrity, as an honest and dedicated CEO that builds trust and credibility with his shareholders. Brian is spearheading the companys strategic explorations and expansions.


Dr. Catherine Hickson, P. Geo, FGAC, FSEG, FRGS, FGC

Director and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Catherine Hickson is a globally recognized geoscience expert with more than 30 years’ experience in science management and integration, green field exploration, international relations, program development and project management, corporate social responsibility, public education, community communication, exploration techniques, geothermal energy, hazard and risk assessments, quaternary surface processes, volcanism, and regional mapping. Hickson has a proven track record of delivering technical expertise and organizational enhancements that elevate corporate value. She began her career at the Government of Canada as a Research Scientist with NRCAN – Geological Survey of Canada – quickly progressing to the executive-level based on solid achievements and delivery of results. In 2008 she joined the private sector as Vice Present Exploration and Chief Geoscientist for a global energy company. Her career has spanned continents with significant experience in Latin America, including Argentina where Dajin operates. This skill set coupled with south American experience and contacts will greatly assist Dajin with its permitting process, moving forward. Hickson has been recognized with a number of awards, including the prestigious C.J. Westerman Memorial Award presented by the APEGBC, and the Head of the Public Service Award, given by the Clerk of the Privy Council.


Dr. Mark Coolbaugh, CPG

Director, Dr. Mark Coolbaugh is a renowned metals and geothermal geologist with 30 years of project, research, and management experience in North and South America, Asia, and Europe. He currently holds senior positions with several exploration companies. His experience includes management of corporate and country-wide exploration programs, research and development of geothermal exploration tools and predictive models, assessment of geothermal and mineral projects, and construction of quantitative ore reserve models. He played an instrumental role in a number of green-fields geothermal and precious metal discoveries including discovery of the blind geothermal systems in Teels, Rhodes, and Columbus Marshes in southwestern Nevada.




Dajin Resources S.A.


Cosme Beccar-Verela

Director, Cosme Beccar-Verela was born in New York City and graduated as a lawyer at the University of Buenos Aires in 1989. He practiced as a Foreign Associate in Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts, New York (1990) and in Huygué de Mahenge, Bloxham et Michaud, Paris (1995). He was an associate Professor of Contract Law in the University of Buenos Aires from his graduation until 2004. Cosme represented Placer Dome while this company explored in Argentina; signed contracts on behalf of Placer with the provincial authorities of Catamarca (Cerro Atajo) and Neuquén (Andacollo). He has represented Continental Illinois Bank and was member of the Committee of banking lawyers as well as a member of the Board of American Express Argentina and of ABB Oil & Gas. His legal practice also includes insurance, trading and industrial companies. Cosme is fluent in English, French and Portuguese and has basic knowledge of Dutch.




Technical Advisory Board


Dr. Beatriz Coira

Dr. Beatriz Coira is a noted geologist based in Jujuy, Argentina. She is a geoscience expert with more than 40 years’ experience in volcanism, regional mapping, geothermal energy and mining exploration in the Central Andes. She began her career at the Government of Argentina as a Research Scientist with the Mining and Geological Survey of Argentina in the field of Regional Geology, Petrology and Metallogeny. She specialized in petrology of hydrothermal alteration as a guide for epithermal and volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit and geothermal exploration. She was Director of the Geological and Mining Institute, University of Jujuy, for 8 years and is now Professor Emeritus Universidad Nacional de Jujuy. She continues as Principal Investigator, National Council of Science and Technology Research (CONICET) as well as being a board member of the Center of Research and Transference. Dr. Coira has been recognized with a number of Honors and Prestigious Awards. From the Geological Society of Argentina she received the Regional Geology Award – 2000 and in 2012 the Scientific Research Award “Franco Pastore”. The University of Buenos Aires awarded her with the Strobel Award in 2012, and in 2014 she received the Argentina Mining Award: Outstanding woman in Mining.


Dick Benoit, MSc

Dick Benoit is President of Sustainable Solutions, a Nevada consulting company focused on geothermal resources and drilling. Sustainable Solution’s clients include a wide variety of private companies and governmental agencies, both domestically, and internationally. Completed and ongoing projects have included evaluations of prospect areas, exploration for geothermal resources using all available geoscience techniques, as well as drill program development and supervision. These projects have been located in California, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Ethiopia, Italy, Iceland, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru, and Chile.


Roberto Page

Roberto Page graduated as a geologist from Buenos Aires University and has worked since graduation at Argentina’s Geological Survey until his recent retirement in May 2016. Roberto reached the highest management position at the Survey including time directing the Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources (within the Geological Survey). He also had a term as President of the Survey from March 2000-May 2002 during which time he was involved in the promotion of mining investment in Argentina. In 1998, Roberto was appointed Secretary General of the Iberoamerican Geological and Mining Surveys Association and kept this position until 2002, he also served as the Executive Secretary of the Multinational Andean Project (MAP), a five year cooperative effort between Canada and the Geological Surveys of Bolivia, Perú, Chile, Argentina and Canada, that promoted mining exploration in the border areas of those countries. He then went on to be the Technical Coordinator of MAP’s second five year project that also included the Geological Surveys of Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador as well as the original four countries. Between 2005 and 2009, Roberto was the President of the Argentine Geological Association and the Argentine International Union of the Geological Sciences National Committee (IUGS). In that role he headed the National Committee for the 2008-2010 Year of the Planet Earth Initiative in Argentina.