Inflation Reduction Act Impact on the Biotech Industry

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), enacted in August 2022, emerged as a central topic of discussion at the annual Biotech Showcase held in San Francisco last January.
This new legislation carries the potential to significantly influence drug development and pricing, with studies indicating a possible 31 percent decline in profits and potential reductions in drug approvals in the years ahead.
Neal Masia, Co-founder and CEO of EntityRisk, addressed attendees, highlighting the evolving landscape for biotech and healthcare companies. He emphasized the growing societal demand to comprehend the value of innovative advancements, …

Top 5 Pharmaceutical Giants of 2024: Leading Innovators in Healthcare

Top 5 Pharmaceutical Giants of 2024: Leading Innovators in Healthcare

The pharmaceutical sector is a vital component of the life sciences industry, driving innovation in prescription drug development. Companies within this field continuously innovate to create groundbreaking treatments for various medical conditions, including cancer and rare diseases.
Recent focus areas include diabetes, weight management, and cancer therapies. With the industry projected to reach a revenue of US$1.6 trillion by 2028, investors have an opportunity to benefit from its growth potential and stability.
The Investing News Network has compiled a list of the top five pharmaceutical companies by market capitalization …

How Technology Giants Are Transforming Healthcare with Big Data

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in healthcare took center stage at the recent Biotech Showcase in San Francisco, where experts explored how Big Tech is shaping the future of medical diagnosis and treatment. While the potential benefits of leveraging technology for improved patient outcomes are clear, there are also significant challenges and ethical considerations to navigate.
Key discussions at the Biotech Showcase shed light on the opportunities and hurdles associated with integrating AI and machine learning into healthcare, as well as the impact of digital medicine. Here’s an overview of…